Jen LC-Flow

Jen LC-Flow
SKU: V075

Jen LC-Flow
Visible Light-Cured, Flowable Paint-On Type Restorative and Veneer Cement
Suitable for restoring eroded, damaged, discolored and structurally deficient tooth enamel, acrylic veneers and minor defects in porcelain veneers. Also suitable for cementing fabricated laminate veneers.
A new highly polishable restorative/cement which offers the handling convenience of light-cured materialscombined with outstanding esthetics, color stability, durability and versatility.


  • Equally efficient as a multi-purpose restorative and veneer cement.
  • High adhesive strength to etched enamel without the use of bonds.
  • Superior esrhetics due to well balanced opacity and light reflectance.
  • Excellent color stability.
  • Reduced oxygen inhibited layer contributes to the ease of finishing
  • Does not require refrigeration. Shelf life in excess of two years.
  • Fast in application-one component restorative system.
  • Excellent flow of the material facilitates application.
  • May be cured with any dental curing instrument operating in the wavelenghth range.
  • 3.5g syringe