Cavex Orthotrace

Cavex Orthotrace
SKU: Z121

Cavex Orthotrace

The orthodontic alginate impression material with a natural smell of fruit


  • tuned to the needs of orthodontic practices and the orthodontic lab
  • clearly legible clear pink colour
  • natural smell of fruit eliminates the aversion against the biting, furthermore comfortable for assistant and patient
  • extra fast set (2.10 min incl. mixing) for efficient and fast working
  • fast water absorption, for easy and dustfree mixing into an homogenous paste without lumps
  • highly elastic and high tear strength, so impression can easily be removed from mouth without tearing and impression can be cast twice
  • nice flow makes it easy to fill the tray
  • high consistency/solid body simplifies the making a complete impression with high muco-buccal fold