Intraoral camera M-868

Intraoral camera M-868
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Intraoral camera M-868
M-868 Characteristic
1. Sony CCD intra oral camera and 8 inch LCD integrated
2. Camera can take full pictures of 60 pieces and quad pictures of 240 pieces one time.
3.8 inch LCD can freely adjust contrast, lightness and color;
4. Replace traditional LCD on dental chair;
5. Can be freely 45° adjusted;
6. With high resolution and high performance;
7. Video and 2.0 USB image output function
8. Suitable for PAL and NTSC system
9. Offer wired and wireless system

8 inch LCD monitor specification
1. LCD Size : 8.0inch (Diagonal)
2. Driver element: a-Si TFT active matrix
3. Resolution: 800*3(RGB)*600
4. 4,Display mode: Normally White, Tran missive
5. Dot pitch: 0.0675(W)*0.2025(H)mm
6. Active area : 162.0(W)*121.5(H)mm
7. 7,Module size: 183.0(W)*141.0(H)*6.3(D)mm
8. 8,Surface treatment: Anti-Glare
9. Color arrangement: RGB-stripe
10. Interface: Digital
11. 11: Backlight Power consumption:1.782W(TYP.)
12. Panel power consumption :0.356W(TYP)